Friday, January 19, 2018

I need to write

When you have blogged on and off for a long time....and want to return.

1. Will I be consistent?
           This is when I need accountability.  When your job is a 
        homeschool really don't have a boss.  

2.  What will be my focus?
        Family life

3.  Whom am I writing for?  Why?
      I will write because I have stories that need to 
        be shared.  There may be someone that I can encourage.
        I will write as a documentation of our homeschooling years.
        I have been inspired by so many bloggers/writers that now I 
        want to give back and contribute to others.

4.  When will I start this journey?


Friday, October 14, 2016

Homeschool Curriculum for 8th Grade

This is our third year of homeschool.

            We do not use a boxed curriculum although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that choice.  I think in some ways that is what I had in mind when we first started.  

At our house learning looks like this:

iPad time (more than I would like)
hands on experiments
read alouds
devotionals/Bible verses
discussions about life
field trips 
visiting Great Grandma
taking care of guinea pigs
walking our labrador
socializing with friends
tea time
nature study
games (board, cards and made up ones)
Mad Libs
US History

We seem to cover all the subjects that are required in our state.  We just go about it differently than a traditional classroom.   

I still worry at times that I am not doing this the "right" way but I am more at peace now than before.  

I also document our days in a notebook because there are times when I feel like a day has ended and I ask myself.....Did we learn today?  When I carefully write what we "accomplished" I am reassured that learning has taken place. 

What does your homeschool learning look like?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Trusting God in Transitions

My husband and I have been attending a different church for the last year and have felt welcomed from the beginning.  I felt a whisper from God a few weeks ago when our Pastor announced that a new Women's Bible Study would begin.  The prayer group I had been involved in was transitioning and I knew it was time to try something new.  Oh my heart thumped loud the first night there.  I didn't know a soul.  Isn't it funny how new situations take us right back to the first day of school "feelings"....or at least for me that is how I felt.  After a lovely evening, I came home husband was encouraging.  I couldn't put into words why I was crying.

- was I overwhelmed? 
-were my expectations not met?
-maybe I was grieving my transition from my previous prayer group ending and stepping into
  a new place where I wasn't known yet??

As I read the above questions.....oh my how they all point to my flesh.

Feelings should definitely be acknowledged but they shouldn't anchor us in despair or be the
cause of making important decisions.

I needed to ask the Lord about his thoughts and what I should do.

So as I prayed my way through this......the Lord so graciously led me right back to that Bible Study the next week and a feeling of peace and gratitude took over as I attended.

-I was grateful for the Study of 1 Timothy

-grateful for the beautiful worship songs

-grateful for the teachings

Now as I enter my last week of study.....I am reading over the personal growth area and amazed at how God has worked in the past few weeks.

As we grow and trust in HIM.....he makes our pathways straight.

What an honor to serve such a loving God who always has our best interest.  We are his beloved and for this I give thanks.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
 and lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge him
 and he will make your paths straight."
Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, October 26, 2015

Sensory Walk

Have you ever taken a sensory walk?

 -smell the fragrant flowers and plants

-touch the trees, rocks, pinecones

-observe the clouds, light, scenery

-listen to the birds and nature

-taste the herbs in the garden

Think of all the subjects a sensory walk teaches us?  This can all be done in our yard....we don't have to leave our house.  Of course, walking around the neighborhood is nice too.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Homeschool lunch

One of our homeschool goals I have for this year is to get outside more.  

-it calms my soul

-brings peace to my senses
-relaxes my overactive mind
-allows for a natural flow of conversation with my son
-we linger as we observe nature

I have been making "trays" for my kids for as long as I can remember.  Our favorite is taking them
into the front yard to have a picnic.....I pray this continues even into their adulthood.
Many happy conversations have taken place during our outdoor lunches.

I think breakfast or dinner should be our next meal outside.

Where do you like to have lunch?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015



In the past year I have tried to eat "clean" and follow an anti inflammatory diet the best I can. After researching migraine preventions......I was curious if this lifestyle change would make a difference.  I also found a natural Dr. (as I call her) and she is an advocate of eating well for ultimate health.  I have made a lot of adjustments not only in my eating habits but with exercise (still trying to improve here), less-stress, slowing our life style down, taking supplements, going to my chiropractic appointments, essential oils, massage therapy, and spending time in my weekly prayer circle. WHEW!! Some of these have worked better than others.....and I still haven't "found" a cure....but I do believe that each of the above do help in little ways.  However, I do think that changing my diet has contributed to the most success.

I have noticed differences and do have a lot more energy than I have in the past.  There are still areas that I could improve in. I do have a sweet tooth.  Thankfully dark chocolate is good for you! I continue to have caffeine....a cup of coffee and usually an iced-tea in the early afternoon. I just can't eliminate these.  I have noticed some food triggers and try to avoid them as much as possible.  For me....dried fruit, preservatives in food, dairy, and gluten. Overall, I do seem to have less migraines and when I do have one......they seem to be what I call...."walking migraines"..........which means I can function.  HOWEVER, there are days when laying in a dark room and taking the abortive medicine are my only choices for relief. 

Along with eating well, I try to implement many other alternatives in my life to help relieve migraines.  I think I have tried about everything and some days I get frustrated wondering what the cure might be for me.  However, I have to take it step by step and be thankful for the progress made.

I write this post in hopes I can help someone else that might be suffering from these horrible headaches.  They have taken so many days away from my life BUT in those times I PRAY without ceasing and can honestly say that I have grown in my faith and I thank Jesus for His healing hand.  
I know when you are in severe don't feel like doing anything.  I also know that there are many other people who suffer with more severe migraines from myself.  I am just sharing my story and pray this encourages someone today.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Listening one step at a time

Sometimes, I listen to that still,small voice and that is when peace floods me like a river.

All worries and fears are cast out into the deep ocean so far away... never to return.

Images of clouds, with hues of pinkish, orange skies take me to immeasurable heights and surround me with a refuge of peace and safety.

Only love can be known here.....

the noises completely fade

and the lenses of forgiveness bring clarity.

He came for this....for us....he saves us from our self and he

LOVES us more than we can ever imagine. We may not understand but we can TRUST in Him that carries us in His arms ever so gently, each and every moment.

For this....I am grateful.