Friday, January 30, 2015

What I am currently doing........

I always feel funny posting a "selfie" but I wanted to write about some of my favorite things and it seemed like it would make it more personal if I included a photo of me:)

1. I am homeschooling this year and it is a true love of mine....even though there are some difficult days.

2. I just read The Circle Maker and thought is was fantastic.....I highly recommend it. 

3.  I hiked in Yosemite with my husband last weekend and can't believe what an outdoorsy girl I have become.  I can't get enough.

4. I started an art journal and look forward to expressing my creative side.

5.  I am watching Becoming/Unfolding of you at
I love hearing how other women love the Lord and use their gifts!

6. Praying I will follow through with hosting a craft/fellowship night at my home

7. Drinking a blueberry, coconut, green smoothie almost every morning.

8. Loving the song....You Make Me Brave....Bethel Music.

9.  Praying to return to my Thursday morning prayer group of friends I miss dearly.

10.  My heart yearns to connect with other women and share our testimonies as we journey on this glorious, sometimes arduous path set before us

PS.....this beautiful scarf I am wearing was a gift from my "first" best friend.  She and I have reconnected and how grateful I am she is in my life!  We celebrate 43 years of friendship this year!



  1. Hi Jen,
    Thank you for your post! It cheered me up! You are so beautiful! I am planning to do a "What I am loving" post before Valentine's Day. I started an art journal too! I actually posted today about it with pictures. Ava and Caroline are helping. And yes, yes, yes to #10! How is homeschooling going? If you need any help let me know!

  2. Love this list! I am watching Becoming/Unfolding too although I am way behind! Thanks for the book recommendation - I will have to look that one up!