Friday, October 14, 2016

Homeschool Curriculum for 8th Grade

This is our third year of homeschool.

            We do not use a boxed curriculum although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that choice.  I think in some ways that is what I had in mind when we first started.  

At our house learning looks like this:

iPad time (more than I would like)
hands on experiments
read alouds
devotionals/Bible verses
discussions about life
field trips 
visiting Great Grandma
taking care of guinea pigs
walking our labrador
socializing with friends
tea time
nature study
games (board, cards and made up ones)
Mad Libs
US History

We seem to cover all the subjects that are required in our state.  We just go about it differently than a traditional classroom.   

I still worry at times that I am not doing this the "right" way but I am more at peace now than before.  

I also document our days in a notebook because there are times when I feel like a day has ended and I ask myself.....Did we learn today?  When I carefully write what we "accomplished" I am reassured that learning has taken place. 

What does your homeschool learning look like?

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