Tuesday, May 19, 2015



In the past year I have tried to eat "clean" and follow an anti inflammatory diet the best I can. After researching migraine preventions......I was curious if this lifestyle change would make a difference.  I also found a natural Dr. (as I call her) and she is an advocate of eating well for ultimate health.  I have made a lot of adjustments not only in my eating habits but with exercise (still trying to improve here), less-stress, slowing our life style down, taking supplements, going to my chiropractic appointments, essential oils, massage therapy, and spending time in my weekly prayer circle. WHEW!! Some of these have worked better than others.....and I still haven't "found" a cure....but I do believe that each of the above do help in little ways.  However, I do think that changing my diet has contributed to the most success.

I have noticed differences and do have a lot more energy than I have in the past.  There are still areas that I could improve in. I do have a sweet tooth.  Thankfully dark chocolate is good for you! I continue to have caffeine....a cup of coffee and usually an iced-tea in the early afternoon. I just can't eliminate these.  I have noticed some food triggers and try to avoid them as much as possible.  For me....dried fruit, preservatives in food, dairy, and gluten. Overall, I do seem to have less migraines and when I do have one......they seem to be what I call...."walking migraines"..........which means I can function.  HOWEVER, there are days when laying in a dark room and taking the abortive medicine are my only choices for relief. 

Along with eating well, I try to implement many other alternatives in my life to help relieve migraines.  I think I have tried about everything and some days I get frustrated wondering what the cure might be for me.  However, I have to take it step by step and be thankful for the progress made.

I write this post in hopes I can help someone else that might be suffering from these horrible headaches.  They have taken so many days away from my life BUT in those times I PRAY without ceasing and can honestly say that I have grown in my faith and I thank Jesus for His healing hand.  
I know when you are in severe pain.....you don't feel like doing anything.  I also know that there are many other people who suffer with more severe migraines from myself.  I am just sharing my story and pray this encourages someone today.

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