Saturday, January 10, 2015

A New Year......

Happy New Year

 I am so happy to have a fresh start!
So many thoughts are filling my head and I need to pray about how God would like me to use them, if at all.

I know I want to create more this year.....I will be enrolling in an online art class to help motivate me.  I am so excited to try something new.  I love to watercolor and took a class years ago at our local art association.....but then life happens and I didn't make room for this passion.  

Journaling is also a love of mine but this year I would like to add artwork and other media to each page.  I look forward to sharing as I begin.

I usually ask God for a memory verse from scripture or a word for the new year.  I have been praying for this and it has taken a few days to discern.  

The first word that became clear to me didn't seem to make sense at all.  I have been wrestling with it and was sure it was not for me.

After many is.... BOLD.....yes this is the word I am claiming for 2015!


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  1. Hi Jen,
    Happy New Year! I want to take an online course (teaching full time and having two girls leaves me no time to take one outside the home). I have been praying to God about this and I think he wants me to take a class on Bible or scripture! I am very excited! I love journaling too and I want to follow this path! XO