Monday, February 2, 2015

Listening one step at a time

Sometimes, I listen to that still,small voice and that is when peace floods me like a river.

All worries and fears are cast out into the deep ocean so far away... never to return.

Images of clouds, with hues of pinkish, orange skies take me to immeasurable heights and surround me with a refuge of peace and safety.

Only love can be known here.....

the noises completely fade

and the lenses of forgiveness bring clarity.

He came for this....for us....he saves us from our self and he

LOVES us more than we can ever imagine. We may not understand but we can TRUST in Him that carries us in His arms ever so gently, each and every moment.

For this....I am grateful.




  1. Hi Jen! Great to get your comment and hear from you again! Life is crazy busy, but you are right...stopping to be still and trust in Him can fill us back up. (It's always so much easier to do at the ocean isn't it?)

  2. I agree, it is very easy to do this at the ocean. This wisdom spoke to me today. xoxo