Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Decor

Welcome, please come in.........

                                      A simple boxwood wreath from Trader Joe's

                                             Homemade hot cocoa for my kiddos

                                         Sentimental ornaments from years past.......

                                                          I adore little houses and red doors

                                                         The reason we celebrate!

                                        Handmade trees from my kids kindergarten years


                                      A very different mantle this year........

                              I forgot how much I love to watercolor.  I am "new" at this.....but
                              I love it.  It brings me peace to create little projects.  My mind takes me
                              right back to time at my aunt's art easel as a kid. 

                                                      Preparing our hearts for our Savior.


  1. Just had to come by for a visit! How did I miss those boxwood wreaths at Trader Joe's??? I would've loved one of those! Merry Christmas Jen!

  2. I love checking inon everyones blogs during the holidays! Mery Christmas Jen!