Sunday, September 4, 2011


I realized that I had never posted photos of my kids from the first day of school.  They are beginning their fourth week and we are still adjusting.  Kate seems to be doing well.  We attended her back to school night.  Emery and I started in the MPR room with the principal speaking to all the parents and then moved through the remainder of the evening with a schedule timed with bells.  I especially liked her math/science teacher and the philosophy he embraces.  It warmed my heart to hear what he feels is important even though I know he has pressure to teach from the "standards."   I urge you to take a look at a trailer from a movie coming out called.....Race to Nowhere.   Tell me what you think.  

I continue to struggle with the "right" placement for my son.  He has a wonderful teacher...actually the same from last year. is the system that works against him and how he learns.  I thought he was doing better as he ended second grade.  Now that he entered third is a transition year....and the BIG notebook that he needs to keep track of each day is the main focus. For most kids....this is a suitable task.  However, for my becomes a source of anxiety.  He loves his teacher and friends. He is eager to arrive at school and help in the morning before all the other students arrive.  He smiles when I pick him up at his class each day.  However, as a just know when your child is hurting. (there is so much more....but for the privacy of my son...I will keep this brief)

So here I am back in this cycle of where I found myself last spring when I was questioning our education system.  I need to stop complaining and do something POSITIVE.  My family comes first and even if that means putting on hold once again something (like working at preschool) that I like....I will do that.  There will always be other kids to teach and help....but I only get ONE chance with my kids.  I want to make sure I am creating a safe haven for them....and giving myself a chance to stay healthy in anyway that I can.  I am not sure how this will look in a month....but much different than it does now.

I am really doing okay and feel happy that I have choices.  I have support from an amazing husband and extended family.  

I would like to end this post with a happy labor day to all of my readers.  I hope each of you are enjoying time with your family.  My boys went camping and are returning this evening.  My sweet girl and I have been quite lazy....eating pizza and baking chocolate chip cookies.....and maybe watching a few shows here and there.

I feel fall in the air this morning and it is my favorite season. I got out my apple candles last night and a couple of seasonal decorations for my kitchen and wow did that put a smile on my face.

Much love!!


  1. I am glad we are all going through this time of adjusting together! I started school on Thursday and my students start on Tuesday. And Ava will start preschool next week!
    I also had my pumpkin candle burning last night! I love everything about fall~the colors, deorations, weather! Maybe it is because I was born in the fall and was married in the fall too!
    Have you started your job yet?

  2. (waving hi!) I agree-this reprieve from the heat is very nice and I am also looking forward to fall. You're such an amazing mother, Jen-to be so in tune with what's going on. Kate and Neal are so lucky! Would love to have coffee soon and catch up! xxoo

  3. Jen, I am praying that you find the best path for your sweet boy. You will find it. Us mamas have a built in system that really has no explanation. We just know in our guts when something is not working or not right for our children, don't we. Your weekend with your daughter sounds perfect! I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day!

  4. Hi sweet friend, I am rooting for you. You know that. You are a wonderful mama and just know that all of our kids have areas where they struggle, whether parents admit it or not. All of our kids are still learning what it means to be students. You are right, our heart knows when they are struggling. I remember the big binder beginning in 3rd grade. It is a lot for so many of them. It does not help that we live in a society where the average kid doesn't exist anymore. Kid's are expected to be 'gifted' and excel at everything. Take a deep breath, say a big prayer and then trust that everything will be just fine. He will get there. Rejoice in the blessing that he is excited to go to school and be with his friends.
    I'll be praying for you guys. Email me if you need to talk.

  5. Hi Jen, I will keep you in my prayers as you are making decisions and adjusting to the new school year. Sometimes being a mommy is so hard. My head hurts sometimes making decisions and thinking, thinking, thinking. I totally get it. I'm glad you have your priorities in the right order. I know you'll make the right choices for you and your little guy. My son went through some tough times at about the same age as your son. He had learning disabilities we didn't even know at the time and it took a really special teacher (along with lots of prayers) to figure it all out. Sending you a hug from one mommy to another.