Thursday, March 31, 2011


Adorable Paisley sharing a photo of us in the pool :)
I received a phone call early this morning while I was clearing breakfast dishes and making school lunches.  It was my sweet niece anxious to tell me what she is sharing at school today.  She had to bring something from home that starts with the letter J....and it couldn't be a toy.  She chose a photo of of us.....yes...I am her aunt JEN JEN.  How cute is that?  Would love to be there to hear what she has to say to her class about me.  smile  I asked my sis to take a quick photo with her phone and send it to cute!!!  Thank you Paisley Grace for sharing "me" today.  I love you.  

PS...See you in a week!


  1. How super cute is that? I love it! You must be an awesome auntie! :) Are you going on vacation? I think I missed that!

  2. Awww! One of those times you wish you could be a mouse in the corner to listen to what she had to say! I bet it was all wonderful if she thought of you for her letter J. :)

  3. how cute is she? when I tease the girls and ask them who's the best mom in the world, you're one that they always list (after me, of course ;))-and I'm sure that extends to aunt, too!

  4. So sweet!! I wish I could have heard what she said about her super sweet auntie!! So glad you get to see her soon. I sure would love to see those adorable girls...hint, hint

  5. Pais is still talking about taking Aunt Jen Jen to school...It was such a special day! Can't wait to see you in person! xxoo