Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome to our home......

                                                       Please come in! 
           (this is the attitude I like to have
              but honestly I sometimes struggle with
                     "short notice" calls...
               working on letting it's a home not
                      a model house.


                       Meet our new chef

She woke up Saturday morning with a burst of energy to cook for her family.  She started with a delicious coffee cake from a recipe I followed when I was a young girl.  Same Cookbook.... and even though it is dated....there are recipes we continue to use. 

Neal is not giving up "his" kitchen so his sister gives him a job or two for dinner prep. (sorry you burned your finger neal)

 I'd like cheese and ketchup on my turkey burger please....and a pickle on the side.

 Oh...first a little pico de gallo and homemade chips with special seasonings.

            Here you go mom...enjoy!

Special cookies without chocolate chips for me.  

Thanks for the yummy meal!

Who is cooking tonight? 


  1. That all looks delicious. My 12.5 year old is learning her way around the kitchen and I'm LOVING it! :) So nice to have someone cook for me/us.

  2. I love that your kids are in the kitchen. They're adorable and the food looks like it was delicious.

  3. I too struggle with the "Come on in, my door is open!" attitude. So funny that I don't expect perfection from anyone but myself. I love that the kids are cooking and everything looks so yummy! I had that same green baking dish, but dropped it full of baked cornbread a few months before we left home. I was so sad! It made the best brownies! :(

  4. we have that cookbook in our family, too! maybe the next time K and N come over we can have a cooking playdate-everything looks delicious!

  5. Such a fun post! My 3 1/2 year old just baked with her daddy and of course my 1 1/2 year old was trying to help,lol! Cooking is so great on so many levels for kids to learn!

  6. I have the same cookbook too, and taught myself how to feed my hubby way back when! I looked, and mine is the 10th edition from 1989, with a groovy photo in the front of the ladies in the test kitchen. I sure wish I had the lovely pink bowtie blouse that one of those gals is wearing... ;-)
    I wish your kids' enthusiasm would rub off on mine! You tell them they can cook for me anytime--mmmmm!