Sunday, March 13, 2011

some days are treasures

       Today is my aunt's birthday and I was lucky enough to have time with her (by myself). Eating sweet rolls, shopping at our favorite places ( a little Anthro) and laughing while doing so.  What could be better?  I found some treasures today.....(i know it wasn't my birthday but I bought a few things, too).  I of course need to show you because that is what friends do.

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite ladies in my life.  (I could NOT find a recent photo of I included one of my sweet daughter and her from a few weeks ago.  Thanks for a great day and reviving my soul. As one of her friends tells her...BREATHE.....yes.... that is what I did today! 

Bought the little clear versatile...picturing pastel candies in them soon
Have you been to the Martha Stewart section at Macy's?
I have a thing for book the quote
Citron basil candle and monogrammed paper for my lists (laughing at the reflection of me in the paper)
My aunt with Katie (love these girls so much)
My wish is for everyone to have special ladies in their life as mentors.  I feel blessed that I spent the day with one of mine. 


  1. What a nice day and spent with someone so special. :o)
    I too have a dear Aunt who I miss terribly and am counting the days, where we too will spend a day out and about. :o) Adorable picture!!
    Sincerely, Trish

  2. What a sweet post! It is so nice to have people in our lives that are so special! Happy Birthday to your sweet Aunt! :)

  3. Love the treasures--especially the tin can candle! Love the pic even more!! Love you even more!!!