Thursday, December 8, 2011

Decorating the Tree

I have come to realize that life is not a Norman Rockwell photo....I know what you are thinking.  (Poor dear she is just coming to this realization)  I am an idealist at heart and really want the best for every situation.  However....I know this isn't real life....and I need to let go of expectations and enjoy things for what they are.

We decorated our tree the other night and it is usually the highlight of the season.  We have collected so many ornaments and I have some from my childhood.  I make cookies and hot chocolate!  The kids usually have on new pajamas for the "annual" photo I take of them on our window seat in the kitchen.  This year it was different....not bad...just.... well....different.  I am let go and have fun with whatever takes place.

Is that hard for you, too?  Do you like things to stay the same?

                   Gotta love the "almost" smile...I will take it.


  1. Hate to be a Debbie Downer....but.....and so it begins.

  2. Oh Jen, what parallel lives indeed! I didn't even ask to do a Christmas card photo this year-the first time we haven't done one. I knew how the request would be received. ;)

    Kate's expression is classic-and I know it well! xxoo

  3. oh, and I completely missed Neal's contribution to the photo-LOL!!!

    Keepin' it real...;)

  4. I can so relate and feel it coming as well. The bunny ears are making regular appearances and the attitudes are starting. So I like your attitude of going with the changes instead of being disappointed. Merry Christmas Jen!

  5. Hmm, can't relate to the wanting of things to remain the same, in an orderly manner, with all things going the way I want them to. Nope, not at all! ;-) I, too, have an ideal picture of what the tree decorating event should be. Never has happened, but I will never give up my dream!
    Love the picture!

  6. That photo is a keeper! I am an only child so I am really learning about having a sibling from my two girls! Merry Chhristmas Jen!