Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our week at a Glance

We had painters at our house last week and they were a joy.  They were a family owned business..... it was Grandpa, his son, grandson and an uncle....and they were the sweetest men.  I made them coffee and cookies and they couldn't have been more delighted.  I was actually sad to say good-bye to them.

Today we are getting ready for a small super bowl gathering with close friends.  Looking forward to being together...even though I am not a huge football fan.  My husband loves I try and be supportive...(isn't that nice of me)?

I met with my Bible study gals yesterday and we are reading The Hole in Our Gospel.  Have you heard of it?  Oh my really makes you think about what we should be doing with our life. is not to make us feel guilty....but instead to remember the TRUE reason of being a Christian.  The author,Richard Stearns, was the CEO of Lenox before he accepted the position of president for World Vision. His personal journey beautifully written...and I am only in Chapter 8. I encourage everyone to read it....even if you are not a inspiring. 

Hope everyone is having a glorious weekend.

Cooking dinner for us

Ok...I am helping, too!

Nanie helping Kate chose a room color.  White didn't go over well!

A new coat of red paint.....I just couldn't change colors.  Love my red!

I gave her freedom of choice.....celery is the name!

Juicing with a smile!

This is how Macy helped today.

Gotta love a man that vacuums


  1. love the red door and the celery room. I didn't care a whit about the superbowl...except the commercials!

  2. Yes, I love the red door too!

  3. Chauch~
    so impressed you actually got the painting done. I have yet to get my booty to Home Depot to pick out the colors. I letting go of the green in my pad and am going to embrace new colors like PINK in Paisley's room!