Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to Our Valentine!

Our girl is 12 years old today!  I could share so much but there is something that touched my heart this morning when I dropped her off at school......that made me cry.  She told me about a girl that no one really likes....which breaks my heart.  Katie (who has a tough outer shell) doesn't let much bother her.  She told me she befriended this girl and likes her.  Today in the drop off zone.....there stood this darling girl waiting for Katie.  She wanted to be the "first" to wish her happy birthday.  I watched as they walked up the hill to class and she handed my girl a gift.  I am an idealist at heart and feel that kindness and love over power everything.  Isn't that what Jesus taught us.....Love thy neighbor as thyself?  It is not about how popular we are, what we wear, the car we drive, or the amount of money we make.  It is about how we treat one another....especially when no one is looking.  Believe me...I am still learning.  I wish I could say.....all of those "material" things didn't matter to me....baby steps....right?  Thanks for the example this morning....Katie.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Thank you for the BEST gift of all.....that I have the privilege of being your mother on this journey.
I am the lucky one!

I love you and the way that God designed you!



  1. Your daughter sounds like a keeper :) How wonderful she is and obviously learned it at home. Hope your Valentine's is wonderful. I know you're loved by many people and that's such a blessing.

  2. I love your daughter!! Do you believe in arranged marriages ? ;-) {I'm kidding, of course!}

  3. Happy Birthday to your Valentine! What a great story and so encouraging to know that there are kids like her out there in the world!

  4. Awwww! What a sweet image of love. :)
    Happy Birthday to your little valentines. :)

  5. Love thy neighbor...seems to be a recent theme, huh? Love that story, and love your girl for embracing someone that needed her!! I hope it rubs off on some of the other kids...