Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stray Dog

Coming home from school drop off yesterday I saw a little dog running freely up our street. I pulled over and tried to coax it towards me...but to no avail it took off.  I cannot believe how fast this dog's legs could run...oh my word!!

I got back in my car and pulled into my garage.  I couldn't let that sweet stray stay on the streets.  With my dog leash and food I was determined to win over this doggy so I could take it to our animal shelter for help.  This time she came towards me and I was able to put the collar and leash on her.  Remember I have two mind you the collar needed to be reduced and as hard as I tried I wasn't completely successful but hey I got the job done!

She walked for a minute...then would stop.  We kept this pattern up for awhile and I thought oh my this will take us hours to go the length of three houses.  She finally layed down in the street and rolled over for a belly rub....just like my Lab...Chipper.  Her eyes were weepy and she had a case of fleas.  I scooped her up...smelly, weepy, and poopy....and carried her home.  I got her water and made her a bed with a basket and soft blankie.  

Away we went to the (no kill) animal shelter.  Arriving there was a new experience.  I have never found a stray animal nor visited an animal shelter.  I wear my heart on my sleeves and I knew there would be some tears.  Walking in....I prepared myself the best I could....deep breath....strong heart...oh please. (deep down I wanted to run the other way and go to my vet....then take her home and make my Labs love her as much as I already did) Did I do this?
No..of course not.

The facility was clean and had photos of many pets that had recently been adopted.  Right away they took her and I waited for an ID number so I can call and check on her status.  The police officer that works at the front desk said I had to name her....uh..I stalled so he said how about Clara.  Sure...why not....that was my husband's late Grandma's name.  

I tried to convince my hubby that we needed a Jack Russell Terrier!
It didn't go over so well.  I will keep you posted on her status.  I am going to go call right now.


  1. I think we share the same calling-let's start an animal rescue! Good for you for helping her-poor little thing looks so scared. It's not an accident that she found you. It will change you-that whole world-I've been a mess about that since we found our kitty last month. Hope she finds a wonderful forever home-and we just passed you on Fifth coming back from riding lessons-Lanie was waving at you! xxoo

  2. PS-if we drive our husbands crazy, at least we'll have each other! ;)

  3. Oh Jen! What a sweet girl you found and helped today! I can never go into a shelter for the very same reason. I would come home with 255 dogs and cats. HA! Her name suits her well. You just earned another jewel in your crown today dearie. :)

  4. Ug. What a heart wrencher! I had to do that once and the dog got adopted so quickly. We made the mistake of taking it home and cuddling up for the night with it!

    Our dog came from the pound and he is the best ever. Don't worry, somebody will take that cutie home!

  5. I'm getting choked up reading your post. You're a good person taking care of little Clara. I'm sure she will get a wonderful, loving home. Who wouldn't want that sweet face in their home!

    Did you get to The Americana? Let me know what you think after your time there. Happy Sunday hope it's a wonderful day.