Friday, January 20, 2012


My goal this month is preserving memories....which I am faithfully working on. 

However.....along with this is simplifying our house.  Every room, cabinet, nook, and corner is being cleaned out.  Once I start....I can't stop!  Bags and bags are being delivered to the garage.  Outgrown clothes will be given to friends, Emery's coats/jackets he no longer wears will go to our local Family Service and then the remainder will be sent to Goodwill.  

What do you do with all of your STUFF that you go through?

I will be showing you the results of my efforts as I continue to organize and simplify.  My closet is this weekend. (almost too embarrassed to show the before...but I will).

Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Me too! I have been going through every inch of this house! I am finding things I didn't even remember having and it feels so good to pass things on. Good luck!