Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year New Beginnings

Happy New Year!  New beginnings, a fresh start, and a clean slate!  Love, LOVE, love it!

As a list maker.....yes....goals are part of my new year.  I can't help makes me feel good.  This year I am trying to break my goals down monthly....and writing them on my calendar.  There is a goal that I have written on my list for years....and I don't seem to ever accomplish it.  So....for January.....preserving a fancy way of saying....get my self disciplined and somehow....someway...organize my photos.  I have already started....and I plan to work on this goal each day...instead of hours at a time (no I never do that).  I am not sure what the other months goals are yet.....I don't want to get that far ahead yet.....this can be a problem for me.  I love to plan, plan, plan....but then I get overwhelmed....and I don't always follow through.  SO.............

God has been speaking to me for a long time.....and I don't think I have been listening very well.  Why is it so hard to let go and surrender to our Creator?  His love is omnipresent and he only wants the best for His children.  It took some in depth time with Him the last several weeks to finally realize I have been doing most of the talking.....when I should have been discerning His voice.  I have been telling Him what I want to accomplish, where I think I should work, and how I should go about my life. However.....God is mysterious in his ways.....and His plan was VERY different than mine.  Humbling? Yes! Thankful? Oh yeah! changing........amazing!

So with that being expressed..........

CONSISTENT..........this is what God has been whispering to me.....maybe shouting but I am finally hearing it.  Thankfully He never gives up on us.  This doesn't mean to be perfect!

Yes it is important to be consistent with daily tasks, chores, family, friendships, jobs...etc. WE should ask God for help in these areas because without is nearly impossible.....and it could make us almost prideful to the point of striving for perfection.  This is not the consistency that God is talking to me about though.

Instead......... He wants:

CONSISTENCY in listening and heeding HIS voice that will keep me on the right path.....and that is where I want to be this year and always.  How will I do this?  Seeking Him first when I awake and making Him a priority throughout my day.  I am praying that this will allow me to hear what He wants for my life and blessings will come from this.  

Why a photo of my home for this blog post?  I DIDN'T listen last year when I knew in my heart I needed to be home more.  I was involved with "good things"......but I don't think it was what God wanted for me.  So home is where I want to asking God......who do you want us to open our home to?  I am listening.....and I need to be CONSISTENT.

Hoping your new year is filled with love and blessings!



  1. Happy New year Jen! I love what you said about breaking down goals MONTHLY! How great is that and I never thought of it! And I love your house~I have ALWAYS wanted a home with a farmer's porch and I remind my husand constantly of this,lol!
    I am turning 40 this year so I really have some changes that I want to make! XO

  2. Ahhh, home. You are speaking my love language here. I was just telling someone today that I think I had too many good things vying for my attention in my 'old' life. Now, I want more balance, more solitude. Home is where I feel called too. Hoping you find that consistency.

    Thank you for your wonderful Christmas email. We are really good and just trying to ease back into this life.

    Much love for a happy new year!

  3. Happy New Year and new beginning, Jen! I hope 2012 is filled with many blessings for you, your family and your home!

    I can relate to a lot of what you say-just letting myself be guided instead of trying to control things always seems to put me where I'm really meant to be. :)

    Thank you for opening your home to the girls today-they love going to your house!