Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How do you keep track of your life?

I have kept every wall calendar since Kate was a year old (2001).  I keep them in a box under my bed along with other special notes, pictures and papers.

I think at one time I was going to scrapbook with these.  Well...that didn't happen.

Looking through them I see patterns of ebb and flow of busyness.  The month Kate turned one....there isn't much on our calendar and then it seems like as the months progressed our busyness did, too.  I remember staying home a lot....and Kate playing with our next door neighbor who she is best friends with today. I really hope we did slow down and didn't just go places for the sake of being busy.I think once they begin school is when we compete with all the activities. Wouldn't you agree?  I also wish I could go back and NOT
volunteer as much as I did.  I know I was helping...and it was a good thing....but I know I was stressed at times and that doesn't make a peaceful mommy or home.  I am learning has become quieter without guilt and I am thankful.

I continue to hang a wall calendar in my kitchen each year.  I know most have gone digital with their calendars....but I am so visual that I need to see my month in front of me on a daily basis.  My mom and Grandma have always had a wall calendar, I assume I am following what I know.

I also keep a weekly/monthly planner in my purse.  Yes....I have an i phone....that I love....but I don't like using the calendar.  I am a paper/pen girl.  I LOVE to use different colored markers, too.  I know I am silly....but it makes it more fun....wouldn't you agree?

This isn't my most favorite planner I have had.  I would rather have a larger one...but I want it to fit in my purse.  So this is it for this year.  

Would love to know how you keep track of your life?



  1. I am a paper and pen type of girl too! And I have a paper appointment book that I keep in my pocketbook too! During the week the girls have preschool and dance that my mother in law takes them to while I am in school, so I have not felt as guilty just staying home on the weekends with them! I wonder if they really notice as much as we do if they are running around with all of the busyness?
    Have a good night Jen! XO

  2. I do it the same way you do! I have a Mary Engelbreit wall calendar hanging in my kitchen every year. I adore Mary! :)
    I think it is so sweet that you have kept your calendars each year. I only have a few of mine. It is fun to look back, isn't it? :)
    Have a lovely day Jen!

  3. I agree-it is sweet that you've kept calendars over the years! :)

  4. Hi Jen, I'm a paper and pen girl too. Thought it was because I'm so old ;) Why is it that as we grow older we get so much smarter, i.e., not being so busy, thinking we are doing good by all the volunteering we do, feeling guilty when we say no! I'm learning too that being busy really isn't a virtue and I don't know why I ever did think it was. I'm glad you're figuring so many things out while your kids are still fairly young. You're a good mommy to know the difference. Hope your weekend is wonderful!