Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hit the road

                                    We have been homebodies for the last few weeks and it was time to hit the road.  Neal was with a friend so Emery and I took Kate with us on a lunch date and decided to do some shopping, as well.

Emery and I lived in Orange County when we were first married and so much has changed since then.  It is fun to return once in awhile though and eat at some of the restaurants that our little town an hour away doesn't provide.

I was having fun with Instagram on my phone....hence the pictures.  Most of them are edited in the 1977 format.....which I must be attracted to because it takes me back to my childhood.  Did I just date myself?

(no photos of the shopping trip....but there was one store that we went into that had the music so loud that I couldn't talk to my husband in a normal tone and the smell of cologne was so heavy that I thought I might pass out.)


  1. You all look so relaxed and happy on your circa '77 road trip ;) - hitting that exit is the best! How great that you made time for an impromptu getaway. Kate looks SO grown up!! And you look beautiful-I think things really agree with you these days...xxoo

  2. This looks like a great day and just what you needed! And your lunch is making me hungry!

  3. I love impromptu road trips! don't you just wish they were not so few and far between? They really are good for the soul!

  4. What fun you all had together! :)
    The palm trees get me every single time! We don't have those in Michigan! We have snow. Bleck!!
    I have never heard of the restaurant you went to, but your plate looked yummo! :)