Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A new Month...a new Chapter


Neal is officially being homeschooled and I have a sense of freedom like never before.

We will use an eclectic approach which excites me to no end!

Reading aloud will take priority!


This will be the number one question I am sure I will get asked.

Did you know that is is important for kids to socialize with all ages....not just their peers.
This will be an easy task for us since we spend time with a variety of people in our lives.

We will eventually meet with a group of local homeschooling kids at a park...when Neal is ready.

One of Neal's best friends lives next door and he plays with him for hours most weekends.

Did I mention that his sister still plays with him, too? They don't always get along....but they do socialize and make up games together.

As we adjust to our style...I will share what we are learning.  YES....we!

I am beginning to see how God has orchestrated this incredible plan......and I am in awe of how it is unfolding.  

Thank you Lord for your majestic ways.


  1. What a perfect way to start a new month-congratulations, Jen and Neal! I am sure wonderful things are in store for both of you. :)

  2. So excited for you sweet friend and for Neal! I will tell you that my kids have almost NO socialization and they are happy, healthy kids! Now I realize they probably had too much socialization in their lives before! I love how you are putting your trust in the Lord and can't wait to see what He will teach you both with home school! Cheering you on!

  3. I just feel moved to add an observation about "socialization"-

    the wrong kind is of so little benefit, as we have discussed many times! now we can guide them toward relationships that make them feel good about themselves, which they will hopefully mirror throughout their lives. :)

  4. J~
    You know, you can always count on my boy to "hang out" with Neal-they always have such fun, regardless of their age difference! Aaron has coached me this year to stop calling them "playdates", which I guess they are too mature for once they reach 5th grade. ;-)

  5. Neal couldn't get a better teacher than you, Jenny. I'm confident he will flourish and the challenge of presenting material in a creative and understandable way will keep you sharp too. Xo