Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finding Our Way

Neal and I are finding our way through this journey.  Our bags our packed with emotions, uncertainties, advice, fears, love and the unknown. We are not sure where we will unpack...or if there is a destination....however as we travel we will keep a journal here once again of our daily life.  It may look different than the "norm" but I am convinced that there isn't a normal and that when we fully surrender this is a result.  All of our masks come off and what we have been hiding is finally revealed.  I could have continued on my way hiding behind all my insecurities and fears.  I am good at navigating through life that has become a habit.  So here I am facing my fears and I am convinced that there will be glory from this scene.  I am only passing through....I won't be here forever and there is a lesson to be learned.  It feels good to be writing frees my soul.



  1. So happy to see you back, Jen! I must get a copy of that book-and your peace activity made me feel very relaxed. :) Neal looks so happy-I know this will be a healing time of discovery for both of you. Talk to you soon! xxoo

  2. My heart aches for you, and also swells with pride. I hope you can feel all those prayers!
    Luv to you, dear friend!

  3. Hi Jen, love this post and your words are such a relief to read. Wearing our masks is so exhausting, isn't it? I am happy to hear that you are making a new norm for you and Neal and are willing to share it with us. You are on the right track, God can move the mountains if we only get out of the way and let Him!

  4. Hi sweetie, so glad you're back!!! Praying for you and Neal and the journey you are on. Hugs, Valerie

  5. Chauch!
    I am so happy to see y'all using the book. I hope it is helpful to you both. Can't wait to see you and give you a big hug.
    Miss you sis.

  6. "hiding behind my fears & insecurities...navigating through life that way" describes me as well I've been practicing facing my fears knowing HE has a plan for me! Praying for you!