Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Summer Days Are Ending

Emery's Mom was here for a visit and we spent most of our time at the beach.  (It was nice to take a break from the heat) It also inspired me to walk the nearby trail most days which was good for my body and mind.  (I can't say I have been good about that since returning home)

My college roommate and her sweet girl were able to come by for a visit and it was so nice to see them....much too short but I will take it.  My kids start school next week and we have a few more days of plans.  Thankfully my sister and niece are part of that. 

PS...My girl returns from camp tomorrow and I CAN'T has been a LONG week and I miss her terribly. That is all I have for today!  I hope to blog more regularly when school resumes.  xo

Seaweed pile or the water?

I'm not going in if you're not!

Neal explaining something....he is a "new" surfer so it must be related.

When K and N weren't at the beach....this is what they did in the garage.  I got a surprise when I opened the door. Yikes!

Playing cards with Grandma Brenda.  We love you.

Endless summer please!


  1. What beautiful beach shots-Neal is so TALL! Playing cards with Grandma is the best-and I know you can't wait to see Katelyn. Have a great time hearing all about your girl's fun week-Izzy was asking for her yesterday. :) You know they are miffed at us! It looks like your summer was the perfect mix of everything-somehow the approach of the first day of school isn't so bad after talking to you yesterday! xxoo PS-their expressions in the garage are hilarious! I think they're more surprised than you!

  2. Your garage is immaculate! Such great photos! Have a great weekend Jen!

  3. Looks like a great time. Love just hanging with people I love. Looks like you've had a great summer!