Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sometimes Spontaneity is Good

I am a planner at heart....and so when it comes to vacation.....I like to know the details. husband and I had an opportunity to take a little trip that offered time together sans children but a quick decision. We decided to go for it.  Thankfully we were able to find a place to stay (they had one room left) and within walking distance to restaurants, shops and the beach. 

Our trip began with taking K and N to my aunt and uncle's house.  Then Emery and I had lunch at a nearby restaurant before taking the coast. one point we had to take the freeway....and oh wow....going through LA near the Getty took us two hours instead of twenty minutes.  Not a very fun start....but it did allow me time to research some restaurants in SB.  What should have been a three hour drive.....turned into a six hour one...but we finally arrived....thankful for the beautiful destination!

The little town of Montecito is we had lunch there the following day....Em and I both love Mexican food.  My hubby had fish tacos and I had grilled tacos...with some chips and pico de gallo..yum.  

We went out for a lovely dinner and I wanted our photo is definitely staged....(I don't even drink red wine) but it looks good for the picture...right?!

We had to go back to Montecito because look at how charming the library is?  I absolutely love libraries and my familiy knows that I seek them out when we travel.  

a wonderful exhibit at the art museum.......(I am highly sensitive and cry when I view a Van Gogh I have never seen before)

a walk on the beach

Getting back on the freeway ....heading home

Theses were just some of the highlights....we packed in a lot for two days....and I am.......

thankful for reconnecting with my didn't begin with smiles and hugs....just keeping it real.  It takes work to take care of one another and sometimes I neglect my marriage....not purposely.  Sometimes we forget what it feels like to laugh and just have fun together....and to remember why we got married 14 years ago.....and why we fell in when we were 18.

Santa Barbara, CA: UCSB Beach


  1. It looks and sounds like a beautiful getaway! I love California!!! I'm a planner too, but the times that we've taken a spontaneous adventure have been some of our best! :)

  2. So happy you two kids got away together to such a cute place! Marriage is work and I agree, sometimes it is the last thing on my list when it should be first. We need to make the effort to get away more often because, just like you said, it makes you laugh and is such a treat to be able to finish a conversation!

  3. What a wonderful place you went to. You are right....marriage takes lots of work. So happy you both had a nice time being husband and wife instead of mom and dad. :)

  4. J~
    I am so glad you got this chance! I would love to go check out that cute library with you someday. And Van Gogh! Feeling the green-eyed monster...I am really wanting to go to an art exhibit filled with all those yummy paintings.

  5. what a perfect getaway-glad you made that important time for each other-you look so beautiful and relaxed!

  6. I'm with you on the marriage being work thing. It's not always easy is it? Glad you were able to get away and reconnect with each other. it's so important when we have so many things we do that don't involve our hubbies. I am in love with Santa Barbara. You might just have passed my house on the way up there :) We're going to have to figure out how to meet up sometime.
    Take care