Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Days of Summer

Our day started out with an orthodontist appt then headed to the vet to pick up heart worm medicine. Oh so exciting!

Then a couple of other stops....picking lemons at Nanie's house and then home for a minute.

We really needed a few items at the grocery store.  (I may or may not have bribed my kids with lunch at Panera if they had good behavior at Albertson's)  By the way....I have a very sneaky boy....I found this in my bag when we got home.  No wonder he was so helpful putting items on the conveyor belt..and very quickly I might add.

Thankfully all went well....because as much as I wanted our trip to the store to run smoothly....selfishly I wanted a good lunch, too.

 We often support our family owned, local restaurants.....but everyone in our family likes today the chain restaurant won!  I seem to be picky about certain restaurants....but I really like this one....LOVE the bread and tomato soup....yum! It is comfort food for me. Do you like Panera??  

That is all I have for today!



  1. Funny...I find sweets in my market sacks when I take my kids with me as well! :)
    Yes, we love Panera as well. The tomato soup is very yummy!

  2. So crackin' up about the Hershey bar!! Surprised MY boy hasn't tried that trick...
    And the tomato soup at Panera is to die for, so no apologizing for going to a chain. If our lovely Portofino Cafe hadn't split town, we wouldn't have to go anywhere else! Sheesh, how many years has it been gone, and I am still complaining!
    I hope your day continued to be a good one (I know ours was--though a wee bit muddy, if you know what I mean ;-)

  3. ahh, it's the simple things that make summer so special-getting candy at the store, stopping by grandma's, and Panera's! K and N look so happy! The girls often ask for it, too-they love the grilled cheese and frozen lemonade. :) I bet you're all enjoying this beautiful weather! xxoo

  4. LOVE Panera. I am usually there in the morning, and their power breakfast sandwich is so good. Nothing I can't make at home, but so much better!

  5. Jen, I'm telling you we're kindred spirits...LOVE tomato soup and bread at panera...that's what I always order and sometimes with the greek salad ;)