Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blogging from the car

Wow...I love technology!
Blogging on my iPhone from a blogger app. I have so much to share....returning from a little getaway with my husband. We were able to stay in Santa Barbara for a couple of days....and we considered it an early anniversary celebration. It was worth the LA traffic both ways...

I must be bored if I am taking photos of myself....had to put on a little lipstick, too. Emery is cracking up. He must have been leaning forward in this photo... It doesn't look like I have a driver.

On the 405...traveling south to pick up our Kate and Neal at my aunt and Uncle's house.

Since I like taking random photos with my phone and I am stuck in the car.... I thought you might like to see what I carry in my purse. Don't you like to know what other ladies have in their pocket books as they say in the south....which I love by the way!!!

A zippy make up bag from my friend Joanne that I bought from her a few years back! Love it. Inside it: mirror, Burt's Bees, Trader Joe's lip balm

This cute little organizer is from the Pleated Poppy! I keep my Library cards in this...the perfect place for them.

My old red wallet and planner

Always have this...I think I may have a slight problem with germs!

Just excited to see my kids. Please excuse any typos.



  1. I love this post Jen! I am laughing so hard because your husband leaned forward in the picture! And I have a makeup tote too that my two year old carries around with her because she is such a girly girl! Happy "early" Anniversary too!


  2. lols here, too-our husbands are cut from the same cloth! every once in a while I'll be taking a photo and will catch andrzej smirking at me-and I'll have to give him The Look, lol! glad you had fun, sb is one of our favorite places, and your pocket book is a lot more organized than mine. ;)

  3. I need to learn how to blog from my phone since I have a LONG car trip coming up soon!

    How cool that you got to get away alone.

    And how cool that you also got to go to Hawaii with your family. I've never been there but I'm certain I would LOVE it.

  4. Look at you - so high tech! Very cute post and I especially love the Pleated Poppy library card holder!

  5. We're on the same boat, Jen. I love blogging so much that I literally can't wait until I get home to start blogging, so I do it on my iPad instead.

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  6. A make-up kit is an essential content of my bag. I couldn't go places without it.