Friday, June 24, 2011

Working at Preschool

 I am back from my Hawaii trip and trying to catch up with my blogging that I dearly miss.
When I am away....I have time to reflect about life and really listen to that still small voice that seems to gently call to me often..... but I am so easily distracted.

I had time to reflect, renew, and restore. The following is what came to me as I journaled in the early mornings or in the evenings when all was quiet.  

So this post isn't about my vacation itinerary but the thoughts that spilled out on paper when I finally 

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I don't think I have shared much on my blog about working at a preschool and how much I love early childhood.  Years ago....I attended school for my teaching credential so I could work with elementary age kids......which I  did.  However...recently I was writing in my journal and I have worked more with preschoolers than any other age.  When I was in college, I took a child psychology class with a required 2 hour a week lab assignment in a preschool setting.  There was a Child Study Center on our campus....and this is where it all began for me.  (I always wanted to teach....I just didn't know it was early childhood).  After completing my lab work...I asked if I could work part time in the summer.  Then the following year...I worked as an assistant and then a special assignment teacher with a small group of kids.  I then moved to another school and taught Pre-K for a year and then moved to Georgia.  It was there that I took classes for the High Scope curriculum.....which matched a lot of my internal philosophy about education.  For example....that children and adults learn best with hands-on experience with people, ideas, materials, and events. 

Life continues and I decided to finish my schooling for my teaching credential.  After Emery and I married......I taught Kindergarten and 2nd grade.  However....after the birth of my daughter....I wanted to stay home full time.  I have never regretted this decision.

My children both attended a sweet pre-school and had such a positive experience.  The director and teachers are amazing.....and this little place is filled with love.  After my son's last year.....I couldn't leave.....(this is what I tell everyone).  I subbed for a year and then became an assistant in the Sunshine room with Neal's former teacher.  I only worked two days a week.....a total of 8 hours. was just enough for me to feel like I was doing what I love without sacrificing any time with my family.  

The first year went rather well.  However, the second son stayed home from school a lot.....due to sickness......and it was a rough year for him.  I think a lot of it was emotional rather than  physical....which can be worse sometimes.  He just wasn't happy with his classroom and needed to be home with mommy.  So this last school year....I decided to just sub again.  However, it was difficult....because I am not good with spur of the moment notices.  I often felt guilty if I couldn't go in for another teacher.  Then when I did go in....I felt disconnected.....and I don't like that.  I prefer to know what is going on and how the people I am working with are doing.  Oh my.....if you are still with are probably wondering why I am going on and on.  If just feels good to write this journey on my blog.

Well.....this past February my director called and asked if I could help one day a week with a Pre-K class.  At first....I don't want to commit.  Then I felt honored for her asking.  So since February I have been going in one day a week and I became VERY attached to this sweet little class of 12.  I had forgotten the importance of rollie pollies, tire swings, bouncy balls, collecting treasure in the sandbox...etc etc.  My heart longed to be a part of teaching again.  However, I had to make a choice about how to do this and not affect my family too much.  They come first and always have.

 My daughter will begin middle school in August.....I know I shared we might homeschool....but after much prayer.......she will attend our local school. Our entire family feels at peace with this choice and especially Kate.  Neal will be in 3rd grade and often tells me that I don't need to be around at school as much.  sniff sniff  So this allows some freedom with my time.  

I have committed to working 4 days a week at the preschool I love.....not teaching....but an assistant in a Pre-K class.  The hours are when my kids are in school and so that will not interfere with them.  I will have Friday for my Bible Study group and whatever else may appear.

I feel God is leading me back to teaching.....and most likely Pre-K.  I will see how we all adjust to me working a few more hours before I make any future plans.....but I am excited for this new part of my journey.  I thought I would be teaching my own kids at home.....but I think God has another plan. I am emerging into what I hope will be serving God in the capacity he desires. 


  1. Wow, we have such a similar story with teaching. I was an art teacher before having Eden, when I started staying at home. When Gabe started preschool, I decided to be an assistant at his preschool. I loved it and still miss those little ones. I had actually put my application in to teach again, then we got the call to come here. I loved reading your story and I know that you will shine God's love into those precious hearts! It will be a great way to give...for you and for them! Congrats on making the tough decisions, sometimes that is the hardest part! Glad you are home and I can't wait to read about Hawaii! I love those bags in your header! Ours made the trip here with us and it's the BEST beach bag!

  2. welcome home, Jen-my, you've been productive in Hawaii. ;) How exciting that you feel this is the right time for taking on something new. I think it's all great and wish you the best with the transition-I'm here if you need any help during the early stages! What CUTE bags! Miss you and hope to see you soon-


  3. Jen,
    This sounds wonderful. Looks like God is slowly implementing his plan for your future. I wish you all the success next year.

  4. Jen, our stories are so similar, it is scary! I taught high school for 13 years until 2 years ago when my 2nd daughter was born. Now my girls are only 3 1/2 and 2, but I need to go back to work full time for financial reasons.
    And although I said I would never go back to teaching, guess where God has lead me? Teaching! However,this time I am teaching elementary school Spanish which is where my heart is and at a Catholic School so God really did take me by the hand and lead me!
    I can't wait to share stories with you and I am so excited I have someone to on the journey with me!
    Love, Kerri

  5. Jen, I know if we met we would be instant friends. Your heart is so much like mine! I'm glad God has worked things out for His good for you. I've been away for so long and have missed reading your posts so I'm catching up. Hugs, Valerie