Saturday, June 11, 2011

Moving furniture around

                 Today I had a chance to move 
                   things around my house. 

             Do you ever shop with what you have....
                  find new places for 

           furniture, books, pictures and whatever  
                 else inspires the movement?

        It really is the BEST way to shop because you don't 
                       spend any money.
               I created a little reading corner
                    in our master bedroom.
                    This chair was in our loft 
                    and it needs to be recovered.

         For now...I have covered it with the quilt that was on Katie's bed until recently and oh how I loved rocking her in that chair as a baby!

         The painting is from my grandparents beach home.

                A beginning of a much needed make-over. 

                     A book I haven't read yet.

Our loft area is another room that I have not put a lot of effort into. 

Actually I have tried....but it seems like it's the room where all the furniture ends up that can't find another place in the house. 

It has our family computer, the Wii, bookshelves, a fold out couch, and my mom's desk from high school. 

I was inspired by some fabric form my collection....and this is a sneak peek at the colors I will include in my make-over. 

I also will paint everything white and add a shelf from my bathroom that is in desperate need of a new color.

Maybe red....since I am missing that color in my home.

 While I was kids were out front discussing their 

production of silly songs.

They are in the process of building a ticket booth and a stage. 

I have always wanted my house to be a creative outlet and so I will

not worry about how my living room  looks at this moment.  I am 

happy Kate and Neal are collaborating even though there have been

VERY loud voices echoing through the house.



This is the beginning of many changes around our house this summer.


  1. I love that you are tinkering around the house, making some fun changes. So nice to have the time to do it and to hear the kids playing in the background. Happy summer Jen!

  2. I shop from my house all the time to! I love the fort in your living room from the boxes. I remember when my kiddos used to do that. Last one that got made had Justin Bieber posters inside it. I forget that you live in a place with palm trees. I love palm trees. We don't have those in Michigan. :)

  3. Hi Jen-isn't it wonderful that K and N have the time and space to follow their imaginations more? I love their ticket booth! I bet you don't hear "mom, I'm bored!" very often. I love "repurposing" things, too-especially when it means it gives purpose to something that hasn't quite made sense or fit anywhere previously, lol! Your fabrics are pretty!

  4. I always have the flipflop feelings of "oh, what a mess that fort has created" and then the feeling of pride and happiness that goes with the construction project that kept a certain busyboy occupied without my help! Hmm, I think I need to have him put fort-making on his summer to-do list...
    Love your reading nook!

  5. I love shopping at home and finding new places for things too. I like your reading corner. It looks very warm and inviting. The perfect place for reading that book.