Thursday, June 2, 2011

Endings mean new beginnings

Gifts have been past out, papers have been brought home, lunch boxes cleaned and yearbooks signed.

Photos have been taken, hugs have been shared...and I drove my daughter to her elementary school for the last time this morning.

Promotion has taken place, speeches given, certificates awarded and memories tugging at my heart.

Reflecting on teachers, our principal and staff.....and so grateful for their presence in my daughter's life while at school the last six years.

Peaceful that we have arrived at this day....and knowing that blessings are part of our Creator's plan.  


  1. Congratulations to your sweet daughter! What a special time

  2. and Kate arrived in style, didn't she? Beautifully written, Jen-I need to make that my mantra-endings mean new beginnings. I read this earlier, and tonight I do feel at peace-and you know the fog I was in earlier-so thank you! We'll miss what's left behind, but there will be so much more to replace that. Love all the pictures-it was such a special day! xxoo

  3. That was so sweet Jen. Your daughter looked adorable and it looked like you all enjoyed that special time.

  4. Oh wow, I can only imagine what this will feel like. She is so beautiful and I am thankful that she had such a great experience at her elementary school. I feel that way about the school we left behind and hope to be back in time for Eden to finish the last semester of 5th grade there. Here's to a great summer Jen!