Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have expressed before that I am someone that needs solitude in order to thrive.  The past few weeks I have been challenged in this area....I haven't been able to blog regularly or take my walks in my neighborhood. Time alone has been in the early morning....but with a time constraint and often missed.  My kids have been staying up later....so my nighttime routine has been different. I haven't been able to putter around my home which is a blessing to me and hopefully my family.  When I neglect to do what I know is important ....our life seems to turn upside down.  

Again, it is a season of busyness so I know it is fleeting.  However, as I reflect on the past month..some of my health issues have returned....migraines, female issues, and even a cold.  Coincidence....I don't think so.  I have actually "slowed" down in comparison to years past...but once again a lesson to myself is....it isn't enough to just slow down.  Honestly, most of the activities were "good" things....just concentrated.  We aren't done either....but as a friend said....the sprint to the finish line is here.

I am thinking of one of my favorite places and how reflective I am when there.  I need to dig deep and remember some of those "conversations" I have had with myself.  What is my purpose? Am I using my gifts?  Am I saying "no" to things and then releasing that without guilt?  Am I comparing my activities to others and rating myself?  I have so much to learn on this journey but slowly I am making my way and it feels right.

Being reflective brings me to gratitude and amongst the chaos there are every day treasures to be noticed. Here are a few that have happened to me this past month and how thankful I am.

a beautiful birthday breakfast celebration with three of my friends
(including one playing guitar and all of them singing to me)

a special glass bluebird from my friend Lee for my birthday and coffee at her house

Mary waiting for me in the parking lot at the school I work at with a bag of birthday treats for me

my hubby surprising me with a picnic lunch

my daughter hugging me more often

my son performing at school and wearing "regular" pants and a shirt
(has had sensory issues...and thankfully is beginning to grow out of them)

My favorite place other than home

I know that balance is part of the answer....but I am not sure if it is everything. Honestly..what is balance?   Is this our life goal? 

Thank you Creator of the Universe for being omnipresent and guiding me every step of the way.



  1. Good morning Jennifer. I am a girl who likes to have some quiet time as well. And when I get off schedule it makes things just feel not right. I totally understand. This seems to be a busy season for me as well. It will pass...we just have to hold on. :)
    I hope you have a lovely day today.

  2. Believe me every single woman that reads this will be able to relate. We are constantly trying to balance ourselves aren't we? I'm glad you're working on it and I'm sure you are finding your balance. I think ours even change from season to season and maybe that's some of why it's so hard because it is always changing. I am with you about the solitude...I love mine too and miss it when I don't have it. For some reason I'm surprised to learn that as my children become young adults I have more and more trouble finding it. I thought it would be the opposite...hmmmm.

  3. so nice to see you back to blogging! this time of year will definitely challenge one's need for solitude! And I think you're on to something-what is "balance"-and do we need to strive for it? I find it very hard to just go with the moment though-too much of a planner! Wonderful news about Neal's wardrobe choices expanding-I have been there as well, my friend! Beautiful favorite spot-I felt peaceful just looking at it. ♥

  4. that was me-Lee! It isn't letting me comment under my profile for some reason. :/

  5. J~
    I am thankful for forgiving friends that don't hold it against me for my less than fabulous singing voice... ;-)
    I love the pic of your Hawaiian zen spot. When I am unable to sleep, I often go to my HI spot--relaxing on the beach (in the shade, of course, to protect my pastiness).
    Hang on, we are almost through with the crazy end of the year stuff!