Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Honoring my Papa

          Three years ago today my Papa passed away.
He was everything to my family and his legacy continues in so many aspects.  At his memorial service..my sister and I took turns reading about him acronym style.  We took the alphabet and each letter represented something about him.  So today...I give you letters M-Z...which also concludes my alphabet blogging.  Much love to you Papa...as we remember the special ways of how you touched all of our hearts and the warm memories we carry with us daily.  Thank you for making our family who they are today....and taking care of each one of us.  

M...The Mug, Missy Carol, Michael, Maggie

N...NTB, Neal Scott

O...Outstanding Grandpa, the office (not the tv show)

P...Paisley Grace, Perry Como, Perfect Papa


R...Resourceful, Real Estate, 

S...Stock market, Stories, Speeches, Santa Barbara, San Clemente

T...Tough, Trustworthy, Turf Club



W...Wagon rides, watering the hill, window washing, watermelon


Y...Yardstick measurements on the door frame, 

Z...Zealous business man, devoted husband, Father, Grandpa and Papa whom we will love forever!!!!

Katie and Papa on her 6th birthday

Papa being honored as a distinguished business man

This just captures our family when we are together...even though it is grainy.


  1. J~
    So touching! I have thought about you all so much the last few days.

  2. Your Papa sounds like a wonderful man, Jen-I know how much you all must miss him.


  3. That is so telling of who your papa was to you and his family. Hugs to you.