Tuesday, May 3, 2011

C is for Carol

            Carol is my sweet grandma's first name.  She is caring, courageous, classy, and considerate.  I could write pages and pages about her...because I think she is extraordinary.  She helped take care of me when I was very young.....and I would call her "Ma."  Through the years my sister and I spent vast amounts of time with her and my grandpa.....especially at their home.  We had our own....Holly Hobbie room and a closet that we renovated into a play house.  She cooked us dinner and then always a dessert followed.  We would stay up late watching the Love boat and then she would bring us cinnamon toast and hot chocolate.  She never stops serving!!

She is a classy woman.....from the way that she dresses to the style she decorates her home with.  Her glasses usually match her outfit.....along with jewelry and her purse.  

When my grandfather was very sick....she was his primary caretaker.  This is when I realized how courageous she was.  There were demands on her that were impossibe for any of us family members to lift.  As we drew closer and formed a vigil.....she held on strong through the entire storm.  This remarkable couple had been married 62 years when he passed.  I will always remember a moment I had with my grandpa......I almost felt like it wasn't meant for me to hear.....but I assume I was the vessel for the message.  He said...."There is NO one like Carol.... she is remarkable and a keeper." This came form a man who was very loving but short on compliments for my grandma.  If you are wondering....yes I have shared that moment with my grandma.....she wanted to record it in her journal that she diligently writes in.

She is 83, driving, working and pursuing her interests.  Thankfully I live in the same town with her.....and see her quite often.  
This is just a snippet of a woman's life I am fortunate to be a part of.  

I LoVe you Grandma.......


  1. Your Grandma is beautiful!! :) She sounds like one classy lady! I love the Holly Hobbie room! I had one to!! And the love boat??? Boy, do I remember that Isaac, Julie and Gopher!! Good clean show. What a sweet memory of your grandpa and his loving words for his bride. I bet you must really cherish her and her love. :)

  2. J~
    I am smiling and crying at the same time! She is a truly remarkable woman and I hope to one day attain just a smidgen of that "something" that she has. Not only is she always put-together, but she is such a gift to the community!
    Maybe someday at least I can find the time to match my glasses to my handbag...and I bet there's no elastic in her wardrobe, and if there is, she hides it well! ;-)
    Love your grandma and you!!

  3. This is so wonderful Jen. I love that you watched Love Boat at your grandparents house, just like I did! Your Grandmother is beautiful, sounds amazing and you are so lucky to have her close!

  4. What a touching story about your grandparents, Jen. Your grandmother is such an elegant lady-I love the photo of you two!

  5. That was a beautiful tribute for Mrs. Baker. Teared me up. She is classy and amazing, to be sure!

  6. What beautiful words about a beautiful and indeed classy lady. Your family is lucky to have such a strong matriarch who is such a beautiful person (inside and out).