Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogging catch up

Hi Friends.....

I took a blogging break this past here I am catching up with my letters.

I is for ice cream

J is for  juxtaposition 

K is for kindness (thanks Grandma for the quick getaway together)

L is for lemon cake (Ina's recipe)

M is for my sweet niece Maggie


  1. welcome home-you were missed! I hope you had a wonderful getaway-it looks beautiful. And so interesting-we want to do exactly that with our sad little patch of grass in back-take it out and put pea gravel, pots, benches and a fountain! lemon cake looks TDF! hope to see you soon...

  2. Glad you're back I'd love to hear about your getaway. That lemon cake looks super lemon anything.

  3. Getaway??!! More please! I love lemon poundcake and Ina.

  4. That lemon cake looks amazing! I have been away from blogging world too! I am glad that we are both back!

  5. That lemon cake looks almost as delicious as Maggie!