Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today I .....

                 Had coffee with Bible Study friends

                                                    Cleaned off the front porch

                                                        Sipped iced tea with mint

                                               Wished I could sleep so easily

                        and relax like this

                                       observed my favorite...double-delight 
                   rose bush....almost a full bloom!

                                        Watered the garden my husband planted

    and........ dreamed about summer and being barefoot in the 
                          sand by the sea!


  1. I am a huge coffee drinker but lately I have been treating myself to a raspberry iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts now that the weather is finally getting nicer! I wish I could find a bible study group near me. Does your church have one?
    I am so glad I have someone to discuss the big wedding with! Do you think her dress will be sleek or poufy?


  2. I often think the same thing about my cats, sleeping all day with all sorts of chaos going on around them. Post a pic of that rose when it's open, please!! I love double delights, and with all my roses, I think that is the one rose I don't have! ;-)

    P.S. Gonna head to Gerrard's to pick up some of that muffin mix!

  3. I love double delights, too! Your porch looks great-as I've mentioned before-very inviting. :) What a nice garden, and there's something very meditative about watching a sleeping dog, don't you think?

  4. Looks like my kind of day! I think I have a Double Delight rose bush too. It's just starting to bloom as well. LOVE roses, don't you?