Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Swirly Post

I think I read once about a "swirly" post......which is how I feel today....hence the title. 

Whew......some people get energy from being around others or constantly engaging in an activity.  I need time to myself before I can be with other people. Don't get me wrong...I love to be with others.....it just takes a lot out of me.  I internalize so much when I am with others....that mentally I am exhausted after a while.  I think most of my family is like this, too.  We all like time to ourselves to recharge.   When I am off balance.....I crave time alone.  I have missed my morning quiet times the last few days.....and I can tell I am a little off. 

My son finally got his front braces on today.  I know I posted a while back that he was going through the process.....but today was the actual braces.  He is doing fine....but I had to take him out of school early and then after the ortho.....we just went got a milkshake and went home.  I am allowing him some "down" time before we begin our homework routine......which is another post all in itself.

My daughter didn't feel good when she woke up but went to school.  When I went back to school to work in the library for her class.....she came up to me with tears and said she couldn't make it all day.  I felt her warm head and gave her a hug.  This is my girl that never wants to miss school when she is sick....so I knew she wasn't doing well.  

So what is a mama to do with both kids home now....and I am tired myself? We put in a movie and decided that comfy clothes were a must.  

I made minestrone soup and it is on the stove as I write.  I also made mac n cheese for my boy who needs to eat soft foods today.  I love that my house smells good and that dinner is cooked.

As sad as I am that my girl is not feeling well.....I like having both my kids home and slowing our pace down.  It reminds me of a post I read on my friend Lee's blog today.  She writes about how her family decided to not have extra activities this year and the benefits she is seeing as a result.  I absolutely agree with her about how important it is for kids to have free time to play.  If we aren't careful our time is filled up with so much.....that we don't appreciate anything that is going on around us.  It robs us of our time to be free.....time to imagine.....and time to create.  Isn't that worth guarding?  Since when did being busy take precedence over time to be unstructured.....and maybe...oh my....bored?  I often tell my kids that it is ok to have nothing planned and just play whatever they would like.  I am so passionate about this topic.....but not always good at enforcing it.  We are getting better....but it is hard when we live in a world that constantly invites us to......MORE!

Now...I am off to my hammock to rest and reflect.....two of my favorite things.  Well.....I am not good at resting.....but I am trying because I know it is good for mind.....and hopefully it will calm my swirls.

relaxing chair design
Not my hammock.....but a girl can dream!


  1. Hi Jennifer, love your hammock. I TOTALLY agree with you and slowing down to stop and smell the roses. It's so important to take time to enjoy your children. You're a good mommy to realize it. Just remind yourself that it's okay to say no now and then when things get busy. It took me awhile to learn that one, but once I did I realized it wasn't really that hard and it makes things much better.

  2. we're sorry K wasn't feeling well-and your day sounds like just what the doctor ordered! Imagining and creating are definitely worth guarding-I love how you expressed that. :) "Swirly" works for me, too-for the same reasons-and I think you and I were having the same type of day yesterday! Hope you're all recharged and renewed, and I think that hammock would look great in your backyard ;)

  3. Hope everyone is well at your house...and I was going to be very JEALOUS if that really was your hammock and view.

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