Thursday, April 7, 2011

Small ideas
                            Take time to go outside....reflect, dream, pray!

                                  More ideas for today......

                                 create a corner in your home for quiet time.
                       place a lamp on a side table, add your favorite

                       books and journal/pens.

                      light candles for dinner every night...
                      place something of your choice(coffee beans,
                      popcorn kernels, candies, sand, etc) in Mason 
                      jars and then small candles on top
                      buy colored markers and use daily for lists or
                      to make your calendar more colorful

                                listen to music while you cook and wear a 
                      favorite apron

                      get out watercolors, paintbrushes and 
                      paper......put on some George Winston
                      and spend the afternoon painting with
                      your kids

                     make or buy a box for family blessings
                     whenever you are thankful for something...
                     write it down and place it in the box.
                     this is a way to see how God is working in
                     your family



  1. LOVE that porch and scenery! I can totally see us sitting there drinking iced tea (good kind) and talking the day away!! Can we go now?
    Also love the family blessings box idea too, and will be on the hunt for a treasure box like Char's.
    You should see me when I am cooking, wearing the apron I won from Mops Bunco, and a favorite song comes on! Well, maybe you shouldn't see, it ain't pretty!
    I really do need to light dinner candles more often, it makes the meal seem so much more special! Putting them on the table!

  2. What a beautiful list Jen. :o)
    I just started wearing an apron recently and I really have enjoyed it. :o)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  3. What a sweet list! I have been lighting candles every night for dinner - citronella because we eat every meal outside - but I love it and hope to continue to do so when we go back home.

    Thanks for the love and prayers - you are wonderful!