Saturday, April 30, 2011

School Memory Book

        Scrap booking is not something I have been consistent with.  However, I think I have saved every momento, artwork, photo..etc , from my daughter's school days.  It is hard for me to part with items that are sentimental.  I have often thought I would create a memory book for her from each school year.  Well.....that didn't happen.  Her 5th grade promotion is coming soon and I want to have a special scrapbook for her.  So today was it.....I FINALLY started this project.  It is overwhelming....but like so many things in my life....once I start....I can't stop and I REALLY enjoy the process.  I have been organizing my photos the last few weeks so it was just a matter of sitting down.....and beginning.   I don't have a designated place for dining room table is now covered with memories and will be until the end is in sight.  I am not a "professional" scrapper with fancy pages.  I like simple! Well....maybe that is my motto since I have procrastinated and I really don't have a choice.  Maybe I should get started on my son's book....he is in 2nd grade...I could get a head start. (smile)

How do you organize your memories.  Would love to know your plan.


  1. I started scrapbooking when Eden was a baby and planned to do a book a year. But it is so time consuming and very expensive. And like you, my dining room table is covered for weeks! I have started just scrapbooking their school years and it works much better! For everything else, I make a digital photo book usually for their birthday or Christmas. Right now I am working on Eden's digital book for her 9th year. There is no mess, no craft store to run out to...I just sit down at the computer for an hour when I can and click save when I'm done! Good luck - she will love it!

  2. I admire you for tackling that! Scrapbooking doesn't work well for me, but I do of course love documenting with photographs. I keep bins of the girls' favorite things in their rooms and they enjoy going through them on their own. Sometimes we pull things out to decorate for holidays, or they like having things framed for their rooms. :) At the end of each school years, we purge here and there. I imagine when I'm an empty nester I will have pared down to one piece that is representative of their childhood to me. Isn't that ambitious? ;)

  3. Such a sweet collection of memories. :o)
    I have boxes in our attic, that I have gradually laid special things in. :o) Each box has their name on them.

  4. I have been trying to start scrapbooks for each of my kids for forever. My oldest is 20 and I still haven't started hers. Feeling guilty just typing this. I do have memory boxes for each child that I have saved special things in. For instance my oldest daughter has her first tutu from her first ballet recital, all her school photos, special keepsakes, etc. That's as organized as I've gotten. Sad I know. I still have a chance to make scrapbooks. Maybe you'll inspire me ;) Take care Jennifer.