Thursday, April 21, 2011

School Days

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My memory of school is quite vivid.  I know that 3rd grade was my favorite year....Mrs. Albert was my teacher and I loved her.  She was strict...but I always felt like she loved what she did.  I remember the book she gave me on the last day of school and I of course have it on my bookshelf.  

I moved from a public to private school for 6th-9th grade.  I was reluctant at first....I really liked the school I had come from and wasn't ready to move on.  My mom told me to give it a month...and then I could go back if I wanted to.  When my 6th grade teacher passed out the textbooks...I thought to myself..."I will just be returning these to you very soon." Ha....I of course fell in love with my new school and friends.  Mrs. Meier was one of my all time favorite teachers...I loved her ability to stay calm and this is funny.....the smell of her International Delight coffee. 

I returned to public school from 10th -12th.  Unfortunately, it wasn't my best experience. I had a difficult time adjusting to such a BIG school after being in a small learning environment. Looking back....I didn't try very hard and lacked motivation.  Thankfully, my Jr. year I got involved with drama and this became a highlight for me. I also had a very good friend...Fay....who helped with so many "high school" issues.  

Now I am faced with a dilemma for my two kids.  Our elementary school ends after 5th grade.  My daughter enters middle school in the fall.  I am in the process of trying to decide where to send her. Our choices are our neighborhood middle school, a local Christian school, or.....?  Then my son needs a change....for personal reasons....I will save that for another post after it has been solved.

My first wish would be for both of my kids to stay home with me....and use the Charlotte Mason homeschooling curriculum.  Most people would be shocked to read this...I never planned on this as an option....and I am not saying this is our final choice. The more I research different schools and knowing the history of my just seems like a logical one.  Would it be difficult?....of course.  Would I miss my free time?....most definitely.  Would my kids listen?  not sure.

My heart is heavy with decisions to make. I truly believe in educating the WHOLE child...knowing what type of learner your child is (mulitple intelligences) ....and seeing the world from how God created it. 
I also live in the real world and know that this may be impossible....but I at least want to strive for it. After all...we only have our kids with us for such a short season and I feel like my time is running out!

If you are still reading...thank you.

To end on a positive note....what year was your favorite and why?


This is on my devotional calendar today......

God is personally involved in the very days and details of your life.


  1. J~
    I know how hard this is for you, but just trust in your heavenly guidance. Also, know that no decision has to be final and if it doesn't fit for your family, you can make a change for the next year. Just think of all your friends and family that will be there to support you in whatever you decide!
    Hugs to you, dear!!

  2. My children have always gone to public school so I can only offer that. When we moved 16 months ago they went from a school of 300 to a school of over 1000 kids. Bit bigger. If money were not an obstacle for us (which it was) I had always hoped I could of sent them to a Christian school. Each daughter is thriving...which makes this mama very happy.

    As for my favorite year in was fourth grade. Mrs. Pickett was my teacher. She was a Christian woman. There was always a Bible on her desk and when she had a break she would read it quietly to herself. She talked to us about God quite often. Fast forward 20 years from fourth grade...and I became best friends with her daughter. The one who lead me to Christ. :)

    I know your answer on what to do for your sweet kids will come to you thru prayer. I will pray for you as soon as I hit "post comment." :)

  3. Hi Jen! Of course I can relate. ;) Even about high school-my parents fortunately found a small one for me-only 18 in my graduating class! I can imagine what a transition that was for you. You know what's best for K & N-and you would do a fantastic job homeschooling them, if that's what you decide to do. And you will still be great at helping them navigate through school if that seems right. Look forward to weighing the pros and cons with you soon!


  4. Those are weighty things you're trying to discern! I know God will give you the wisdom you need to make the decision(s) that are best for your family.

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog today. I'm sorry you've been through something similar but it's comforting to know I'm not alone.

    I personally LOVED 4th grade. I went to a small, private school and my teacher was one of our family friends. When my dad died in 2009, she had our entire extended family over for a meal. She's exactly as I remember her and we laughed about some memories we both had of that school year way back when!

  5. Hi Jen, I can relate as of late. I love our public school at home in Texas and my kids miss it so much. Upon moving here, I knew that they would go to an English private school, but I didn't realize we would only have one to choose from! It is going okay, but they certainly don't love it and the first few weeks I thought about homeschooling daily. I too, never imagined myself saying those words! Going home, my daughter will have one semester at the elementary school before middle school, which makes me sad and scared at the same time! I know that you are seeking the Lord's will and that He will give you the answers you are searching for. I agree, our time goes so fast with our children and we have to do what's best for them, even when it's difficult. Good luck and keep us updated on your decision.

  6. Dearest Jen.

    I felt every word I read in your post. I have the fondest of memories from earlier years in school, with teachers. Especially my third grade. Mr. Eldridge brought his guitar to school, and we would sing new songs with all the windows and doors open in our classroom. He was so friendly and this many years later I still can't help smiling when I hear, "Here come the sun." :o)
    I have home schooled for over 11 years and yes, there are challenges, but I don't regret a single one. They keep me close to Christ and my family. :o) I absolutely LOVE Charlotte Mason and was thrilled to see how familiar you are with her. My son went into the public school for a little over a year and did very well. He is back home with us through high school, and that was his choice. He still keeps close with his friends, but his goals are such, that he wants to school from home in order to meet them. :o)
    The Lord knows your heart and tucks away His plans within you. As you pray and offer your children's education to Him, He is faithful to answer and direct and lead. :o) I am praying for you too Jen. :o)
    your friend.

  7. OH, sweet sis... YOU will know what is right for K and N. I will continue to pray that you will be given this answer CLEARLY. Because you are right, we only have them for such a short time. I too am struggling with that and have chosen to keep M at home next year...I love you so and support you whatever you decide.