Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter celebration

        I am taking some time to blog before we are on our way to be with friends and family.  We started our day attending the early service...with my whole family in attendance. 

This rarely happens....and I was so grateful to be sitting with all of them during our Easter worship service.  

Sharing some photos of my family preparing for Easter and from today.

       Happy Easter.....He has Risen!

From my parent's garden...thank you

Even girls with black paint from soccer under the eyes like to decorate eggs

Neal's eggs

Kate's eggs

Thanks for joining me at church, Em

Easter baskets

Deviled eggs



  1. Happy Easter Jennifer! :)
    You are so welcome for the cookie recipe. They are lovely, aren't they? The eggs your kids decorated look sooo pretty! They did a wonderful job. And that is a very sweet picture of you and your husband. Hope your day is awesome!

  2. I love K's egg decorating style w/the soccer battle paint (I think Lanie and Izzy both have that top!) She and Neal did a great job with the eggs, and I laughed at the dogs needing to see everything that's going on. We always have a dog in the frame here, too. ;) You and E make a lovely couple-I know how much it meant to you to have everyone at the service, and I'm sure they know, too. Glad you and your family had a blessed day together!

  3. J~
    I sat in church (made it through without any incident!) with my family (yay!) thinking of you and your family doing the same and thanking God and praying for some certain hearts to be touched. I sat there and felt the reminder that IT is to be when it is His will, and not mine. It will happen, and we should just shine His light to lead the way.
    I just sent my family off home after a quick, but special time together and hope you had a wonderful day with your family!
    Love you lots!!
    P.S. Love all the pics, and I have to say that is an awesome pic of you and Em!!

  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter, with all of the family. Hope it was happy!