Saturday, March 5, 2011

Living Room Changes

Our living room has gone from no a collection of used finally a new look.  This room had red Toille and a bird covered sofa that I had slip covered with painters drop cloth and accented with red.  Then when I was tired of the red...I placed our VERY worn/loved denim sofa in here....and then some other hand me down furniture until I decided what I thought would be best for the room.  There is a study on sibling positions and character traits.  Well I am the oldest child and have a VERY hard time making decisions.  Hope you are still with I explain myself.  My grandma helped me pull this room together and is still not complete. (it took months to decide on drapes)  Almost there.....just a few more changes.  I thought I would show you what I have done so far...and then update you when it is COMPLETE.  I just got a new camera and so I am kinda photo happy.  

I will update as I complete this room.  I will also be looking for a round coffee table and something to hang on both sides of mirror.  I think the little table will need to be painted, too.  Good thing I like to paint.



  1. What a pretty room! :o) Everything looks so crisp and fresh. :o) I love to paint too and isn't it wonderful what a big change a little paint can do? Your curtains are gorgeous!! :o)
    I hope your weekend has been a nice one. :o)
    Your package will go out on Monday. Thanks again!!!
    love, Trish

  2. I think it's beautiful! Love the colors and the mirror above the sofa, and I really love your drapes!

  3. How sweet of your grandma to make your curtains! I love that part first. :) The room looks so nice! I have been painting and painting myself lately. It is such a nice feeling when you get things finished. I love your quilted pillow to! And of course the slip covered furniture is lovely! :)

  4. Such a pretty room! I love the slip-covered sofa and chair. Did you sew them yourself?

  5. Wow! Looks like a magazine, dear friend!
    But one problem: no Puffles!

    Shall remain nameless, but you probably can guess.... ;-)

  6. Would love to see those paintings on the wall, and to complete the look, antique (or not) coffee tables. Your living room will be lovelier.

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