Tuesday, March 8, 2011

By the Light of the Moon

                                           Bedtime routine
              is one of my favorite rituals with my
kids.  Tonight Neal and I took our time......reading stories, telling jokes, playing our game..."I bet I can make you laugh" and cuddling.  Oh I love this sweet boy.....who happens to be turning 8 next week.  I want to hold on to our time....it goes too fast.  As I write this post.....I had to play the Disney Lullaby Album I listened to over and over in his room as a baby. (not sure why but one of my favorite CD's of all times)  I found it when we were cleaning out his room over the weekend.  So in the computer tonight....I downloaded the CD.  Sweet memories of when he was a baby....then a toddler and now a handsome young man....yikes....no still a boy.  I am VERY sentimental and I take to heart those nights sitting in his room rocking him to sleep.  I continue to sing the following lullaby to him after prayers each evening.  I made up my own version.....my mom sung a similar song to me when I was young.

                              Lullaby and Good-night 
                                 and close your eyes...
                                  Mommy loves you
                                  You are beautiful
                                                  Now go to sleep

                                      (sung to the tune of lullaby and good-night)

                Good-night sweet boy~ I love you xoxo

my sweet guy
By the light of the moon
selected stories tonight
I would rather you read to me...mom
his puppy from the nurse the night he was born
not sure but cute
brush those teeth
look mom...clean and ready for bed
I had to go back an hour later for this photo.....sweet dreams


  1. Truly. The sweetest memories to be cherished. :o)

  2. What a cutie patootie! My daughter also has a bedtime cd she listens to each night at bedtime. I love hearing it play after we have said prayers and turned off the light. It is music to my ears as well. You have a darling son. :)

  3. J
    Smiling at this sweet post!! I have vivid memories of trying to get my fussy girl to sleep, rocking and rocking singing the song below that I had on a tape. Hey, maybe that's why she had her crazy horse phase!

    Hush-a-bye, don't you cry,
    Go to sleepy little baby.
    When you wake, you shall have,
    All the pretty little horses.