Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My son stayed home from school today....not feeling well.  He is doing better.....now that we played. I told him that he had watched too much tv the day before....and he needed to finish some school work. That went over quite well.....not so much.  After working and reading together he said he was bored.  Well....he LOVES playing  with me.  (honestly....my to do list popped into my head and I started to feel anxious) However, will most things on my list matter in a few years???....probably not.  How about playing with my son? Yes....this DOES matter and hopefully instills memories of us spending time together.  I think back when my kids were younger and we spent a lot of "floor" time together.  It usually calmed them and I always ended up having fun.  So..why not!!  I have kept a lot of my Fisher Price toys form childhood....I think that is called vintage now.  So we took this box out and some blocks to transform our family room into a parking lot/snack shop/hotel parking/petting zoo.  What do you like to play? (my chores can wait)
Playing little people

"Mom, put this on your blog"

Parking spaces

snack shop

He really wanted me to take photos of the snack area

Vintage camper truck

Petting zoo

He smiles even when he is sick

These teeth get braces tomorrow...please pray for his anxiety about it.



  1. He is absolutely adorable! And I love that Vintage Camper! :)

  2. My to-do list often rules me. Thank you for the reminder that some days it can wait. LOVE your vintage F-P stuff. My mom saved all of mine too!

    Hope your son is feeling better, that his orthodontist visit goes smoothly, and that your daughter had a happy b'day!

  3. Still Loving the PJ's I see. Man, I wish I had a day to stay in my PJS.....

    Hope all goes well at the Orthodontist. I remember those days! Have a great week.

    Love ya

  4. 1. that's cute that he wanted you to show his work on your blog.
    2. we have those same toys at my mom's. It's fun to bring them out.

  5. Times like these are so sweet.
    I sure miss them. :o)
    How is your son's braces coming along?
    Our Katie had hers off a couple years ago and now Nathan is next. :o)
    Sincerely, Trish