Thursday, February 24, 2011

organizing my kitchen

I thought I should hold myself accountable by showing some photos on my blog of my kitchen cabinets.  One of my goals this year is to declutter each room of my home.  I have started with my kitchen.  I am only showing inside a few cabinets today.....the "organized" ones. 

When my husband and I got married almost 14 years ago.....we registered for Fiestaware as our everyday dishes.  I do not regret this....however my color palate has changed somewhat since then.  Today I would probably not choose yellow as one of my colors.....however.....I would have more blue and white.  Anyway....some of our salad bowls have broken over the years and I can also see in this photo....some have chipped.  It may be time to invest in new bowls.  I do love that with these dishes you can mix and match.  I like to change things around and it is fun to put different colors together.  I am going to continue to collect this and sometimes I find original Fiestaware in antique stores.  

The other cabinet is filled with favorite white dishes that I have gotten in recent years.  I think I was attracted to the blue/white flowered mugs because I am sure my mom had something from this pattern in the 70's.  The champagne glasses are for sparkling cider for special occasions.

I love collecting vintage table cloths.....and just went through my collection.  We don't use tablecloths every night....but we do set the table.  I try and use cloth napkins to be "green" but some nights this just doesn't happen.  

Would love to hear how you organize your kitchen.  More to come soon.



  1. I love Fiestaware! Yours is so pretty. I got some for Christmas (all different colors)(one of which is yellow-ha!) and I LOVE it!!!

  2. What pretty dishes. And linens. I have a thing for pretty linens. :)

  3. I have fiesta ware as well. mine is all white. Still I am ready for a change as well. I like your organization. It looks great.

  4. I love the look of the yellow with the white. And I collect vintage tablecloths too! We definitely have similar taste! :)

  5. I collect Fiesta too! Great organization. I also saw your daughter's birthday is Valentine's Day! Mine too!

  6. I sure wish I could say my kitchen is organized, but it is way too small for that! I just deal with it by every so often getting fed up with the mess and going at it. Wanna come over when you are done with yours and give mine a whirl?? :-)

  7. I love being organized. It feels so good doesn't it? I also collect vintage tablecloths...they are so fun!