Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not the day I planned....

My plan was to get up early and have my quiet usual.
Take the kids to school.
Then drive about an hour away to spend time with my aunt.
Our time together is always a treat for me. 

I have migraines once in a much fewer than before.  However, when I woke up this morning.....I knew my day would be spent in my jammies and resting.  Don't get me wrong....I love a day in pajamas.....but not when I had something else planned. medicine makes me groggy and VERY hard for me to release my day and rest. 
(you might be thinking how is it possible for me to be on the computer while recovering from a migraine.  If I can sleep right when it begins and take my medicine....usually I am feeling better in a few hours).

Thankfully with the help of walking, stretching exercises, vitamins and handling stress.....migraines come infrequently.   I do know that most likely it is due to fluctuating hormones.  Ugh!

So my post about celebrating 10 years in our home (feb 1) will have to wait.  I also have a Valentine craft to share and thoughts about parenting...... coming soon. Oh if you do have advice on meal planning...please share with me.  I am still in need of motivation.  I thank my friend Mary for her technique.



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