Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have been thinking over the last few days...

Why do I blog?

Who is my blog for?

Well...I have kept a journal since middle school.....and it has been therapeutic to me through the years.  I love returning to these books once in a visiting a friend from childhood.  However....writing for just "anyone" is different.  I of course think about what I will publish.....rather than in my journal where I don't worry about thoughts, grammar, spelling or "being judged."  

I want my blog to be a record of memories for my children.... some day....a place they can visit and read "mom's" writings.  I hope they cherish their I do.  Oh it is a time I often wander to in my thoughts.  I hope I am creating a memorable one for Kate and Neal.  A time they will return to with admiration.

I also want this to be a place of encouragement....offering warmth, ideas, and inspiration.  Exactly how I want my home to feel when others come by for a visit or my family returns from their day.

So as I continue this journey......may it be a blessing to all readers.


  1. To me, YOU are a source of warmth, ideas, inspiration, as well as some good ol' girlfriend laughter--remember, always check the mirror before going to the bank!! This blog just allows me enjoy you in a whole new way. God sure did bless me when he put you in my path!!!

  2. i think it's a great record for your kids! and your life in general and it's fun to meet new people as well!