Saturday, December 11, 2010


                    Lori                  Debbee             Mary               Me             Mindy

Everyone needs girlfriends.....and I am happy these women are in my life.  Our one friend, Amy, was not able to join us this time.  Had to mention her!! We have a GNO (girls night out) to celebrate one of our birthdays six times a year. One of us brings cute napkins with that inscription on it...ha! I LOVE that in the photo it looks like the birthday girl is crowned with a sombrero!!  I have to admit that two of us had white eyes from the flash...I think.  So thankfully I was able to edit but left with a somewhat blurry photo. Oh well....I think it shows women having fun and that was the purpose.  Feliz Cumpleanos you girl!!!


  1. Thanks for fixing the creepy eyes-yikes that was unattractive. Love the sombrero hovering over Deb like a southern California style halo! Looking forward to the next GNO--always a good time!! Love ya!!

  2. what a wonderful tradition. You are so blessed with wonderful friends. Merry Christmas!