Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Around our house at Christmas......

                                               Welcome to all who enter here......

               Gifts from Mary...my soul sister friend
A little obsessed with Mrs. Meyer's products

A peek at our tree
                                   How I feel about the birth of Christ and celebrating Him.

I have decorated with less this year.  I think I managed to clear a few boxes and donate to the Goodwill.  I am trying to keep it simple and focus on the true reason we celebrate Christmas.  
Thank you for the gift of Grace......available for all mankind.

1 comment:

  1. J~
    Thanks for the gift of a smile! Love your decor... ;-)
    A Mrs. Meyers candle? I never knew! If I light one in my house, will it magically become clean? Worth a try!
    Thanks for reinforcing the "Reason for the Season". I sure wish it was more in people's minds instead of shop, shop, shop, buy, buy, buy.
    Love you, sister-friend (and miss you...)