Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A few of my favorite things....

I LOVE to make lists!  I am sure it has to do with being a little type A and needing some control.  Is there such thing as "a little" type A.  I really never thought I was but my family reminds me of when I was little (ok I have used that word 3x's now) and I would constantly ask what we were going to do and where we were going.  I had to know the plan for the day.  Yes...my way of feeling in control.  I look forward to vacation time......when life slows down and the kids are home from school.  However...I am so much more productive when I am on a schedule.....so there...I admit that lists, schedules and a PLAN is what makes me feel safe.  I know there is a saying that if you make a plan......God may just change it....because he is in control...not me. That is why my BFF and I always say......GOD WILLING we will do this or that.  We have learned over the years that making plans are ok...but we must realize they could change and we need to submit.  Thankfully I surrender to that realization most days but it is a weakness of mine.  Well....now that I have explained my need to make lists.....I will share what I love...not in any order...just what comes to my mind as I write.  Hopefully someone will share a few of their favorites, too.


                 meaningful conversations
                 Mrs. Meyer's products
                 date night with my hubby
                 my GNO 
                 Bible study friends
                 the library
                 Children's books
                 reading stories to my kids and others
                 Bobbi Brown make-up
                 the beach
                 Fisherman's in San Clemente
                 individual dates with my kiddos
                 watching House Hunter's with family
                 art museums
                 comfy clothes
                 volunteering at school
                 Christmas music
                 Piano music
                 jeans, black sweater, and boots
                 spaghetti (my aunt G's)
                 my two sweet Labs..chipper and macy
                 my calendar (susan branch)
                 the Kahala...anything Hawaiian
                 being home
                 taking photos
                 new beginnings
                 baking cookies


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  1. we share so many favorites! With coffee and the beach being at the top of mine! I wear Bobbie brown makeup as well. And heat and sun. Those would be in my top 10 too~ and flip flops and casual clothes!