Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year......New Beginnings.......

It is Sunday night and school starts tomorrow for Kate and Neal after being away for three weeks. We have had the best family time and I feel sad to let it go.

However, I do much better on a schedule. I think I do!! So back to packing lunch boxes everyday. My kids do NOT eat hot lunch. It is too risky for Kate with her peanut allergy and little brother Neal wants to do everything BIG sister does. I DO not mind at all though. I just get in a rut sometimes about what to pack...thankfully Trader Joe's helps.

I will resume my walks with my friend Mary and we will maybe fit a coffee in tomorrow, too. Looking forward to that!!!

My kids will have backpacks with homework and that can be challenging at times. We will be okay though!! A fun snack preceding this task may uplift the attitudes....I can only hope.

So January will be filled with routines and changes that I am looking forward to. Kate will be 10 in February and she wants to redecorate her room. I plan to take pictures of all the stages of this project. So far we a have a will be our inspiration piece!! Kate is saying goodbye to pink and hello to Tiffany blue. I was not expecting this....but I am thrilled to help. two goals for this year..............okay one is SO boring..but I need help in this area.

1. Exercise with consistency (I have a new red bike)

2. I am scared to write this but here it goes......write ( NOT publish) the children's book that has been in my mind for years. Bring it to fruition!! Whew!! I can't turn back now!!!

Oh....and BLOG more regularly !!

Happy New Year!!


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