Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 on the 10th

I am following Meridith's blog and posting 10 on the 10th!!
Thanks for the idea!!

Let's see....How about 10 of my favorite Christmas Traditions!!

1. Decorating the Christmas tree and then drinking hot Ovaltine
with marshmallows. (my kids fav drink)
2. Listening to Christmas music(usually before Thanksgiving).
3. Driving around our town looking at Christmas lights....eating pop
corn and chocolate chips.
4. Attending the tea at church with friends and being reminded
about the true meaning of Christmas.
5. Having our special friends (over 20 years) come stay the weekend
with us while our kids play and we visit over goodies.
6. Reading the Christmas Story out loud to my kids.
7. Putting ornaments on our Advent tree each morning.
8. Finding special gifts for family members and friends in
my life. (Love to give books)
9. Eating chicken enchiladas and tamales on Christmas Eve with
my family.....this night is magical!!!
10. Walking downstairs with my kids Christmas morning as my husband
records their reactions to gifts and relishing in the best gift...
Christ is born.


  1. LOVE this list chaucheroo! might have to steal this idea...
    only 2 weeks sis!
    young lady

  2. What a beautiful list of traditions. I love that you describe your Christmas Eve as magical! That made me a little teary.

    I'm so glad you joined the fun!!!