Sunday, November 1, 2009

Celebrating Traditions.....

This is the FIRST year we didn't visit our beloved (local) Pumpkin Patch. There were several reasons why this didn't happen...however...we made up for it in other ways. Kate dressed up as a cowgirl at school, then a 60's Supreme Singer Friday night for the Halloween Festival at church and then a Halloween Princess for trick-or treating. (I think her Aunt Missy did this costume extravaganza a few times when she was young) Neal was a lifeguard and only participated in trick-or-treating because he was getting over being sick. Poor guy!! We also managed to carve a pumpkin and eat our healthy pigs in a blanket dinner:)

Tonight we will have family over for chili and cornbread.......another fall tradition.

Lasting memories are the traditions we make with thankful for the opportunities.

1 comment:

  1. Kate and Neal
    we love your costumes! Wish we could have gone trick or treating with y'all and would love to be coming over for chili and cornbread... December will be here soon and we will all be together again.
    We LOVE you guys!